Diamond Developers is proud to promote the transferal of knowledge and expertise, through our solutions arm SEE Nexus.


Accelerating the move towards sustainability, through knowledge sharing and solutions which inspire, enable and empower clients and partners to realise their full sustainable potential.

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Born through experience, SEE Nexus is considered the brains behind The Sustainable City – the world’s first fully sustainable community. As the solution arm of Diamond Developers, SEE Nexus acts as the trusted advisor that allows global stakeholders to achieve their sustainable goals.

SEE Nexus encapsulates the knowledge behind this model city and is uniquely positioned to offer sustainability solutions, master planning, and project management. With unparalleled expertise which embodies years of research, testing and implementation of sustainable designs, SEE Nexus translate sustainability concepts in actions that enhance the complete life-cycle of projects.

Our Approach

Within the domain of social, environmental and economic solutions, SEE Nexus use a three-pronged approach – engage, innovate and sustain. By engaging the community and stakeholders to identify challenges, then creating innovate solutions for the community needs and integrating them in a way that can be monitored and maintained for the future.

The goal of SEE Nexus is to make the knowledge and team experience of Diamond Developers globally accessible to all, applying practical and scalable sustainability solutions that fit the local culture, environment, and economy. These solutions encompass the social, environmental and economic domains.


Social sustainability is embraced in all projects. SEE Nexus are the experts in design and implementation of programs that establish a culture of sustainability vital to the creation of sustainable communities and businesses.

Such programs will nurture social responsibility and accountability amongst community residents whilst promoting social cohesion, inclusion and well-being. SEE Nexus provide cultural programs, onboarding processes, and educational programs specifically tailored to the project.

Well-being, including health and lifestyle, is the cornerstone of social sustainability. SEE Nexus advise investors on how to promote healthy lifestyles in their community by ensuring the necessary infrastructure for physical and cultural activities is woven into the project. This expertise also extends to the design of alternative medical facilities which offer holistic therapies.

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Environmental Solutions



SEE Nexus integrate food production systems into the built environment. Through stakeholder engagement and planning, they provide innovative and sustainable solutions for urban farming and food production to achieve the lowest attainable carbon footprint. By exploring and pursuing farm-to-table systems, Zero-Mileage food for your existing or new development is embraced. Future-ready farming systems which utilize renewable energy and state-of-the-art technology. These innovative farming solutions are modular, scalable, and healthy.



As experts in the field, SEE Nexus design and implement sustainable energy solutions. The sustainable solutions developed from stakeholder engagement integrate demand side management with renewable energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint for developments including Zero Energy Developments and Carbon Neutral Buildings. All the future-ready buildings and developments delivered benefit present as well as future generations.



SEE Nexus plan, design, and implement sustainable water solutions. The water quantity and quality solutions which can be provided integrate demand side management with water treatment and reuse. Each future-ready water system minimizes consumption and maximize reuse whilst taking into account the local climate conditions and regulatory framework.



Selecting construction materials and products which minimize the carbon footprint are offered by SEE Nexus. Clients are advised on the most affordable, timely and resource-friendly construction methods. New products and sourcing products locally are continually researched and advised to further reduce the environmental footprint of projects. Carbon savings using biodiesel, green concrete, recycled metals, and wood from sustainable forests are assessed for each project. Their expertise also extends to the real of indoor wellness and the use of health promoting products.



SEE Nexus design and implement smart mobility solutions related to the movement of people and goods. Through stakeholder engagement, innovative mobility solutions can be provided. These solutions integrate walkability with public transport networks and electric vehicle infrastructure to assure the lowest carbon footprint possible. Delivering future-ready mobility solutions which are economically feasible whilst ensuring the highest level of comfort.



Being experts in waste management, SEE Nexus design and implement sustainable waste solutions. They provide integrated solid waste management solutions which combine waste reduction, waste recovery and waste to energy systems. SEE Nexus embrace a circular economy that reuses, refurbishes, remanufactures, and recycles –on-hazardous waste from all sectors. Each solution is scalable and modular adapted to the local waste profile and climatic conditions.


SEE Nexus embraces the goals and objectives of a green economy. Helping to ensure that developments are economically sustainable for both developers and end users, whilst promoting environmental and social sustainability at the same time.


By helping investors to plan for adequate returns on their investment in sustainable projects, SEE Nexus work towards achieving a green economy. Incentives are designed for end users which lower their cost of living and promote sustainable behaviors.

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Our Impact

The actions of SEE Nexus not only benefit the clients and partners of Diamond Developers, they also have far reaching global implications.

These impacts enhance the greater good of our people and the preservation of the planet. And in doing so, strive to shape a better tomorrow for generations to come.

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