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The Sustainable City hosts interactive well-being and sustainable health webinars every Wednesday

21 Apr 2021

Given the challenges faced by the current time, The Sustainable City, the Middle East’s first fully-operational sustainable community, is proud to be reaching out to its community and society at large with a series of weekly webinars to nourish their minds and keep them engaged as they spend their time at home.

People’s health and well-being are of paramount importance, and maintaining them requires, above all, knowledge to help them navigate through the intricacies of this pandemic. Every Wednesday, at 3 p.m., The Sustainable City will be hosting a live session in collaboration with The Chiron Clinic to discuss sustainable medicine and COVID-19.

The interactive Q&A webinar is an opportunity for the public to ask and learn more about sustainable medicine as will cover a range of topics, including how to look at the COVID-19 and more from a holistic perspective; what measures we can take to boost our immunity, becoming healthier and embodying a model for sustainable wellness; and the ins and outs of sustainable medicine, including empowering people to take charge of their health to help them fight back against diseases.

The Sustainable City has continuously sought the happiness and well-being of society and, indeed, the world. Rather than wait until the pandemic lifts to hold physical seminars and workshops, these webinars are part of an outreach programme to educate people and teach them how to take care of themselves in a sustainable manner.