Diamond Developers is committed to spreading the knowledge and research required to make sustainability more accessible across the world.


We are proud to promote the transference of knowledge through our knowledge and innovation hub – SEE Institute. We share our skills and expertise to support businesses, communities and the wider world in their goal to operate sustainably. And in doing so, we strive to bring growth and betterment to the region and the world.

We have an extensive global network of research partners, including some of the world’s most respected names in academia, in addition to strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable universities and knowledge leaders across the world. Through these partnerships, we have ongoing pilot projects.


Supporting our commitment towards clean mobility solutions, SEE Nexus Institute has deployed and tested the first autonomous driverless shuttle in a residential community in the UAE at The Sustainable City, in a collaboration with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). This pilot project is on-going and will produce valuable data on end-user perception and acceptance of autonomous transportation.


In an exciting move to increase the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer at The Sustainable City, SEE Nexus Institute has partnered with Agricool to deploy a state of the art of a vertical farming Cooltainer, to produce strawberries under a controlled environment. Powered by renewable energy from The Sustainable City, the strawberries will be grown using zero pesticides, zero GMO’s and will require zero transport, from farm to table.


Further enhancing the renewable energy capabilities of The Sustainable City, SEE Nexus Institute has partnered with ENGIE and Heliatek to deploy and test organic thin film technologies in the city, which will complement conventional solar PV. This pilot project produces live data which feeds into the city’s sustainability dashboard; allowing the SEE Nexus Institute to monitor and optimise performance, drive improvements and savings.

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