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Building the cities of 2050, TODAY


DIAMOND DEVELOPERS strategy operates under three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. This multipronged approach makes sustainable living accessible to everyone.


Diamond Developers promote social sustainability to achieve integrated and inclusive cities.

We ensure that educational facilities and venues are embedded in the masterplans as well as commercial enterprises and services, which create diverse job opportunities and use local talent.

There is a unique sense of community and activation of the public realm, incorporating shared assets, leisure & sporting facilities and events. We promote healthy lifestyles by installing infrastructure for physical and cultural activities. In all the developments that we manage, there is an unwavering emphasis on wellness complemented by specialized rehabilitation clinics.


Diamond Developers has formulated its own DNA that categorizes all sources of manmade carbon emissions and their contribution towards global warming under six categories – Food, Energy, Water, Products, Mobility and Waste.

Using this DNA, Diamond Developers build cities that avoid, reduce and eliminate the environmental impact of carbon emissions and therefore achieve our goal of bringing forward the UN 2050 Paris Climate Agreement targets.

The cities that Diamond Developers build, incorporate food production aiming for 100% food security. They also enable the production of renewable energy to cover as much demand as possible. Diamond Developers advocate water conservation as well as the use of products that have minimal carbon impact upon the environment. All cities promote and enable clean mobility and place a great emphasis on waste reduction and recycling with the ultimate goal of completely avoiding waste to landfill.


Diamond Developers deliver value to all stakeholders.

We are We are results-driven with competitive offerings that are proven by science and research to offer commercially viable sustainable solutions. We deliver our framework of sustainable priorities at no additional cost and we support circular economy, encouraging job creation and the use of local talent within our cities as well as capitalizing on local industry. Our net-zero carbon framework and socially inclusive ethos combined with our diversified commercial portfolio expedites our access to green finance, which brings benefits to both potential investors and the end-user.