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Inspiring a Better Tomorrow



To build a future-proof, smart and sustainable, knowledge-powered economy – for the greater good of our people and the preservation of the planet. Shaping a better tomorrow for generations to come.



To accelerate the global movement towards sustainable development through our communities and knowledge initiatives which inspire, enable and empower the world to adopt sustainable and healthy lifestyles.



To become the world’s reference for successful sustainable communities and knowledge advancement.


The situation is critical…

Demand for food, water and natural resources has doubled in just 50 years – and it’s growing every day. We are using more than the Earth can provide.

However there is still hope. A global movement is beginning. People across the world are facing up to these challenges and creating practical solutions.

More and more of us are taking action to preserve what matters. Businesses are beginning to understand and value sustainability. Governments are reassessing how we use the world’s resources, with the preservation of our planet and future in mind.
It is our goal to spearhead this movement.

Our business model is carbon-friendly and aligns with the Paris Agreement (COP21); not by choice but by necessity. It is our collective responsibility to reverse climate change so that future generations can inherit a cleaner and healthier environment.

Faris Saeed, CEO


  1. Establishment

    One of the first private-sector real estate companies in Dubai
  2. First Building

    Diamond Developers delivers its first project in Dubai Marina
  3. Business Center

    Diamond Developers finish Arjan's first business centre
  4. Marina Diamond

    The sixth Marina Diamond building is completed by Diamond Developers
  5. Jumeriah Village Circle

    Diamond Developers' first building in Jumeriah Village Circle is delivered
  6. The Vision

    Research begins to develop Dubai's first sustainable city
  7. Diamond Views

    The fourth Diamond Views building was delivered by Diamond Developers
  8. Location

    Diamond Developers acquires land in Dubailand for the first sustainable city in Dubai  
  9. Masterplan

    The masterplan for The Sustainable City is unveiled at Cityscape Exhibition and Conference
  10. Groundbreaking

    The construction begins to build The Sustainable City in Dubai
  11. First Residents

    The first residents of The Sustainable City settle into their new homes
  12. Fully Operational

    The first phase of The Sustainable City is completed with all facilities being fully operational
  13. Happiest Community

    The Sustainable City is named 'The Happiest Community' in the GCC at the Gulf Real Estate Awards
  14. Phase 2

    The construction of The Sustainable City's second phase starts
  15. New Partnership

    Diamond Developers and Shurooq sign agreement for development of the first sustainable city in Sharjah
  16. Glorious Visit

    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, visits The Sustainable City and highly commends the community
  17. Happiest Community

    The Sustainable City wins 'Happiest Community in The Gulf' award for second year running


Our mission is to spearhead the global movement towards sustainability. We hope that through our communities and knowledge, we can inspire, enable and empower the adoption of sustainable lifestyles.
From our experience as the world’s leading sustainable knowledge and community provider, we know that the social, environmental and economic are inextricably linked. That’s why we take a fully holistic approach to our work.


We’re striving to safeguard the natural world by helping people to live more sustainably through healthy, low-carbon lifestyles. In each of these areas, we’re right at the heart of the action.
Our experts are working with governments, businesses and communities to create a future in which we, our planet, and generations to come will prosper.


Diamond Developers was founded by an extraordinary team of visionary entrepreneurs, architects and civil engineers.

We were one of the first companies in Dubai to enter the freehold property and real estate development industry since the introduction of freehold property ownership in 2002 and we are the proud pioneer of the world’s first fully sustainable community.

A World-Class, Energy Efficient Green Community

Total Solar System Capacity

Total Emissions Avoided in 2017

Total Developed Area

Happy Residents


Associates and Partners


Begins as one of Dubai’s first companies to enter the real estate market with an ambitious vision of how the future should look.

After completing several towers and developments across Dubai, the financial crisis hit. This opened up a unique opportunity for Diamond Developers to create ‘a new era in real estate.’

Driven by our mission, it was here that a new, commercially viable, future ready concept which values the environment was born. This led us to design The Sustainable City in 2012 and four years later proudly launched the region’s first fully sustainable community development.. This development is living proof of our mission – offering sustainable, low-carbon living within the natural environment without compromising the needs of our planet, people or future generations.

It was our mission to create healthy, happy, and harmonious communities that inspired us at this point to challenge convention. At a time where customers were more price conscious than ever, we brought the first zero service charge and maintenance fees offering to the market which provided customers greater value than they’d ever seen in the market before at a time they least expected it.

It is this ethos which shapes our work both here and internationally. Our three Social, Environmental and Economic (SEE) pillars are central in our vision towards becoming a global benchmark for sustainable living and knowledge advancement.


Our brand values communicate what we believe as a company and how we’re working together toward a shared vision. By articulating what we stand for, we can attract better employees and customers who share our beliefs.



Creating a sustainable future is our philosophy. It is this and the betterment it brings about which drives everything we do. Our bespoke communities and solutions strive to promote the greatest ecological balance whilst upholding the highest quality standards.

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We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry and always leading by example. We move with speed and agility. It is our ability to apply our knowledge to identified challenges and turn them into opportunities which has helped us to achieve global status as a pioneer in sustainability.

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It is our belief that in order to accelerate the transition towards sustainability, we must demonstrate that sustainability is commercially viable – benefiting the sustainability of the world and delivering profitability for our stakeholders. The Sustainable City is our living testament of this model being commercially successful.

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Our efforts are firmly rooted in our ambitious vision to ‘Create The Future’. We do this for the good of our communities, stakeholders and the planet. We hold ourselves accountable to a higher mandate, to spearhead this movement, acting as a powerful catalyst for the adoption of sustainable development and making profound impacts on people and the planet.

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Because we are a future-driven business, we strive to be forward-thinking in all that we do. Pioneering new ideas, thinking and doing things differently, embracing smart technologies and sharing our knowledge is our focus. The Sustainable City in Dubai represents living and working proof of this pioneering approach.


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